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Mar 19 2024


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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Reading Group

Third Tuesdays at Members’ Homes

January: On Grace by Anthony Doer, 2004 F, 404pp. The NYT reviewer finds this first novel by the author of the prizewinning All the Light We Cannot See, “a rapture with nature expressed in prose that sings off the page.”

January 16, 7:30pm – at the home of Caroly Jones 505-783-4803 or the Gallery in case of  snow.

February: Team Human by Douglas Bushkoff, 2012 NF, 256pp. Fearing where technology is leading, Rushkoff says we need to remake modern life, starting with the recognition that  being human is a team effort.”

February 20, 7:30pm – at the home of Jill Acheson 505-783-4803

March: From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman, 1989 NF, 525pp. Friedman discusses the tumultuous years between 1979 and ’88, illustrating for us “how the past cripples the present and confounds the future”. Which is what we are seeing today.

March 19, 7:30pm – at the home of Pam Davis 505-870-6245

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