EMAAC and the Old School Gallery are located on Scenic Highway 53, Mile Marker 46, 1 mile east of El Morro National Monument.

The Old School Gallery hosts scheduled events and is open Saturdays and Sundays 11am-4pm.

Click here for a site with some great information on Highway 53, one of New Mexico’s most beautiful Scenic Byways!

El Morro’s “downtown” consists of not just the Old School Gallery (also home to the El Morro Area Arts Council), but also Inscription Rock Trading, the Ancient Way Cafe, El Morro Feed & Seed and OPO gallery.  All buildings, except Inscription Rock Trading, are the original El Morro buildings:  Bond Ttrading, El Morro school and the El Morro post office.

Other Attractions

There’s lots more than the Old School Gallery along this Ancient Byway. Check out the links below!