Trina Stephenson

MEMBER ARTIST / Trina Stephenson

Trina takes her photographs and creates kaleidoscopic images (sometimes termed mandalas) which are then printed on paper, metal or fabric. In her fabric art, she brings together her interest in color, design, and some of the techniques which are used in making quilts.


I love the colors, harmony and shapes of the ‘geometry of nature’ created by ‘slicing and dicing’ photographs. I create these works because of my love of symmetry in nature, the luminosity that springs forth naturally, the interplay of intricate detail and the broadly symmetrical outline of the shapes, and I appreciate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This work is addictive since the design possibilities are endless and infinite in number.

Subjects are varied, but favorites are trees, flowers, plants, rocks, buildings, bridges, fog, and shoreline edges where contrasts are greatest.