MEMBER ARTIST / Lorena Willmon

Lorena grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and moved to the Southwest when she was in her late twenties. A late comer to the world of creating art, she began learning how to work with clay when she was in her fifties. Still convinced that she was only able to create three dimensional pieces, she did not consider painting until 2018 when she and her husband decided to take a water color class. To her surprise, she developed an affinity for painting and continues to develop her own style, taking great pleasure in the process. She and her husband live in Ramah, New Mexico.


To borrow a phrase from the cartoonist Gahan Wilson, I paint what I see. I am drawn to images of animals, people and plants and take great pleasure in detail. It’s the same for clay sculpture. My greatest pleasure comes from capturing the personality, the soul, if you will, of the subject. It’s that moment when what I see makes me smile. I share my pieces with the hope that they bring a smile to others as well.