Michael Chesley Johnson

MEMBER ARTIST / Arnulfo Peña

Retired Artist Arnulfo Peña was born Arnold Peña and is a native Texan. Arnold took the name Arnulfo upon becoming a professional Artist. Arnulfo is of Mescalero Apache descent and is not tribally enrolled. A teaching job in Zuni formed a lifelong bond of friendship and being adopted by several artists’ families.

He sold his first painting when he was in the fifth grade, and it set him on a lifetime of painting. He graduated from Corsicana High School in 1966. He attended Navarro Junior College and served a tour in Vietnam in 1969 earning 3 bronze stars. After returning home he worked in banking and while there received a full scholarship to the University of Texas at Tyler. It is there that he pursued and earned his Fine Arts Degree.

His style is Southwestern Art however it is constantly evolving and changing. He has redefined his style again recently, relying on themes that are closest to his heart. These themes include his Zuni Family, Pow Wow Friends, American Indian Culture, and Heritage, Stories and Traditions as well as his experiences in Vietnam. With the bold strokes and aggressive style, he hopes to stir in viewers the same emotions he feels when he is with his people, the Native Americans who are proud ancestors of a rich history.

Arnulfo has had several one-man shows over the years, and he was a constant featured artist at the Annual “Santa Fe Days” Event in Carrollton, Texas. Among his career highlights and honors he includes the murals he has painted, his painting commissioned by a National Gallery of Germany and his show at the Fort Worth Public Library downtown.

As a retired Artist he enjoys mentoring young artists, guest speaking at various career days and spending time with family. He also enjoys participating in the Renegade Nation Color Guard activities.